We bridge the gap between your Startup’s Efforts and its Success!

Want to seize opportunities and avoid threats to your tech? We help you scale up at every stage!


We measure and design your business’s customer experience, competitor response and assist you from the basic ideation of business prototype to tech refinement.

Software Solutions

We make use of integrated technologies to develop interactive and feature rich software and bring your ideas to life.

Quality Assurance

Quality is always a priority here at 18Solutions and with our extensive testing procedures, we make sure that the final product works smoothly across multiple devices for various situations.

Co-ordinated Workforce

We consider people as our strength and our professionals ensure a smooth workflow and team augmentation across global arenas.


During the discovery stage, we help you build ideas and assist you in understanding your target audience’s intent in order to create goals and USP of your offerings.

  • Know what your target audience expects
  • Define targets and goals matching the expectations
  • Ideation and development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Product Validation

We carry out surveys and A/B testing of your product prototype’s interface to come up with metrics to refine your product

  • Building up A/B testing and Surveys
  • Testing and Refining the interfaces
  • Creating metrics

A well validated product can take you to places. We help you find the most suitable operational efficiencies for your business and help you establish systems that will keep you at par with any large enterprise.

  • Building optimum customer experience processes
  • Optimizing customer acquisition and retaining strategies
  • Establishing growth mechanisms

We help you scale up by implementing smoother back-end procedures and building internal systems that help you expand your reach to the masses.

  • Establishing smooth CRM and back-end operations
  • Internationalization and growth support

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