We dedicate ourselves as a
comprehensive technology partner for your Enterprise

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Technologies (SMAC) built as strategies to enhance your enterprise’s professional and dedicated persona!


With our social technologies, we help you make the most of your organization's human resources by communicating about their strengths, talents and innate abilities like never before.

  • Enhance communication amongst your employees
  • Recognize collaboration opportunities with vendors and customers

We enhance your capabilities of “getting things done” and leverage your enterprise’s true potential into real results using with a fast and mobile workflow management.

  • Fasten up your approvals and processes
  • Get things done on the go
  • Make stock tacking a hassle free affair

Taking help of statistical and historical data, we employ predictive analytics to measure and predict the growth of your business.

  • Study consumer behavior
  • Predict fluctuations in sales
  • Keep an eye on the market
  • Develop strategies to overcome situations

Easing the process of data storage, we offer cloud services that you can rely on to access your applications whenever and wherever required. From enhancing your organization’s speed of getting things done, to bringing down your costs involved in running applications offline; our cloud solutions expand the horizons of opportunities for you. With 18solutions, you can make use of innovative and agile cloud-based technologies to break your geographical limitations and take your enterprise online.

  • Store information and access applications through reliable cloud solutions
  • Enjoy trouble-free networking and data exchange
  • Prevent any chances of data loss
  • Monitor security breaches